Our Services

With the complexity and diversity of the environmental issues that our clients face, ECS creates and works in cohesive multidisciplinary teams using state of the art technologies and equipment to bring source solutions to each project. This ability enables us not only to find cost-effective solutions to complex challenges, but also affords us at times the ability to redefine the very nature of the challenge, which in turn opens up a much broader realm of possible solutions.


This commitment has resulted in the successful completion of many unique and diverse projects, earning ECS a reputation as a credible, pragmatic and technologically advanced solutions provider that develops and delivers expansive creative solutions to our clients’ most challenging environmental issues.

Waste Disposal Ground Permitting & Closures

Environmental Act Proposal Applications

Class II and III Waste Disposal Ground Permit Applications

Transfer Station Permit Applications

Preliminary Closure & Post Closure Reporting

Notice of Alteration Applications

Annual Reporting

Annual Groundwater Monitoring & Sampling

Operating Manuals

Waste Audits

Well-organized solid waste landfill, reduces soil, groundwater and environmental pollution.

Landfill & Transfer Station Design & Construction

Landfill & Transfer Station Feasibility Studies

Landfill Planning & Design

Transfer Station Planning & Design

Site Surveying

Landfill & Transfer Station Construction

Soil Verification Testing

different heaps of metal recycled from car wrecks

Soil & Goundwater Remediation

Environmental Site Assessments

Underground/Aboveground Storage Tank Removals

Groundwater Monitoring & Sampling

Soil Remediation

Groundwater Remediation

Water Treatment

Former rubbish dump in the excavation pit, black discoloured and contaminated soil, old deposit in a construction area for residential buildings

Emergency Spill Response

Waste Characterization

Emergency Spill Clean-up

Industrial Spill Response

Tanker & Truck Spill Response

Environmental factory workers are checking oil stains from the factory effluent system. Pollution industry .