Our Team

The ECS Team encompasses a diverse array of experts, each with their own unique skill sets and project experience. The uniqueness and diverse make-up of our project teams is what facilitates our ability to create from waste.

Doug Dolby

     (204) 901-1530

     (204) 727-8898

Mr. Doug Dolby is an Environmental Specialist with over 22 years of experience in environmental contracting and consulting engineering.  He has extensive experience in the management and co‑ordination of large scale soil and groundwater remediation projects in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Ontario. As an Environmental Specialist at ECS, Mr. Dolby’s objective is to advance the company’s specialized contracting capabilities with technologies that contribute to the company’s success as a full‑scale leading edge environmental specialty contractor. Mr. Dolby is responsible for technical writing, contaminant hydrogeology, project management and researching and implementing new technologies into ECS’ toolbox of capabilities.


In addition to his experience in full scale site decommissioning, he has extensive knowledge and experience with various remedial techniques including in-situ and ex-situ remediation techniques and excavation and off-site disposal. Mr. Dolby is also well versed in conducting subsurface soil and groundwater investigations for a wide array of inorganic and organic chemicals. Mr. Dolby is very familiar with the necessary provincial and federal standards, procedures and methodologies utilized to evaluate environmental liability with respect to subsurface contamination in Manitoba, Saskatchewan and Ontario. Mr. Dolby brings a strong theoretical and practical background in environmental chemistry, environmental engineering and environmental toxicology to the ECS team.

Bailey Preston, B.Sc. (Physics)

     (204) 741-0289

     (204) 727-8898

As a Project Co-ordinator at ECS, Mr. Bailey Preston is responsible for the day-to-day monitoring and supervision of all activities associated with ECS’s projects. Mr. Preston is a Project Co-ordinator with an interest in advancing ECS’s success as an environmental specialty consulting engineering firm. Mr. Preston received a B. Sc in Physics (Honors) and has extensive experience in technical writing, research as well as data collection methodologies required for waste management systems and designs.

Mr. Preston is versed in the management of hazardous and non-hazardous solid waste. As a Project Co-ordinator at ECS his objective is to enhance the company’s capabilities in municipal solid waste management and contaminated soil management sectors via advanced technologies and innovative waste solutions. Mr. Preston’s initiative is to continuously research and implement new and innovative means to effectively manage our client’s waste.

Mr. Preston is familiar with the necessary provincial acts, regulations, guidelines, standards, procedures, and methodologies utilized to evaluate waste management systems and environmental liability in Manitoba. Mr. Preston brings a strong knowledge base and practical experience in waste management processes to the ECS team.

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