About Us

In 2019, Environmental Consulting Solutions (ECS) was created to provide a unique solutions based environmental consulting company with an intent to “Create from Waste”.


ECS provides solutions orientated services in the areas of Waste Management Permitting & Closures, Landfill and Transfer Station Design & Construction, Soil & Groundwater Remediation and Emergency Spill Response to our clientele.



Our Name


Our name was derived from what our intent is, and that is to provide expansive Solutions to our clients via our people, state-of-the-art technologies and equipment.



Our Logo


When approaching an environmental issue, principles at ECS look at all the perspectives of the environmental issue(s) so that an expansive formula or solution is derived. Thus, we see our client’s environmental issues as an opportunity to provide out-of-the-box solutions via all the perspectives we obtain.  At ECS our mission is to remedy our client’s issue(s) and not the symptoms of that issue.


Our logo colours blue and green were selected based on their associations.  Blue is associated with open communication based on integrity and trust. Green is associated with commonality, community and sharing of information, knowledge and wisdom.



ECS’s distinguishing factor is our ability to develop innovative thoughtful solutions to a broad range of client issues, always providing the most cost-effective solutions and always with an open keen eye. We keep constantly abreast of new technologies, regulatory requirements and specific training to adapt to our clients evolving environmental compliance requirements as a result of regulatory changes.  Our goal is to ensure that the best environmental solutions and technologies are used to ensure that our clients’ needs are met while at the same time avoiding unnecessary costs and/or extended project timelines. Rather than providing solutions that consider only regulatory requirements or standards, which can be arbitrary and cost-prohibitive in some situations, we offer site specific, purpose-built solutions that consider site-specific conditions.


ECS has incorporated a quality management system into our client delivery system that provides responsible and responsive technical management, effective cost and schedule control, highly qualified technical personnel, effective communication with our clients and assurance that quality and safety standards are met during all of our projects.


ECS project teams are accustomed to working within a multi-disciplinary framework including Clients, regulatory agencies, consultants, sub-contractors and suppliers. ECS’ approach to Project Team building and Project Team work is to concisely outline who the Project Team is, what their responsibilities are and how the Project Team will achieve the project objectives, milestones, and budget.


Our office doors are always open for business. Working with ECS is an open-door policy where our Clients have the ability to contact any of our ECS project staff team directly to discuss their current requirements, concerns or changes in project scope.